I started doing this photo series because I am interested in work. Specifically, the work that artists, designers and other types of makers do and what compels and motivates them to keep going. The kind of work that I feel helps create a more beautiful, interesting world to live in.

Of course the finished product is what catches our attention, but this series is about looking at an artist or designer's work in their raw state. Looking inside an artists' workspace is like looking into their sketchbook. It's a place where they can be messy, to hash out their ideas, and make something.

Unlike a living space where you sometimes feel you must create a comfortable place to rest, where the greater composition tends to be the focal point, the artist is more than likely concentrating on the smaller areas surrounding the pieces they make. This is why I tend to focus on corners, sections of tables / desks / shelves, in order to see what inspires them, how they arrange their tools, how they put things away, how they make their work areas comforting, how they have fun. The heart is in the details.

As this series has grown, I have expanded from purely shooting work spaces into shooting the homes of designers, photographers, and other types of creatives, looking at how they surround themselves with the things that inspire and inform their work. I have also included shops and other settings that have a curatorial aspect, as well as gardens and markets.

Visit Visit is an ongoing blog series started in early 2012. What I choose to write about each maker comes from a personal perspective and will remain as posts on my blog. This site will serve as a repository for the images. Each page will point back to the original blog post.

photo courtesy of sassfactory  


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